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About Bill Tiller

     I’m convinced there is a love of color and art gene and that my grandmother passed it down to me and my sister, because ever since we were toddlers we have been drawing and painting very colorful and whimsical art. Maybe because I was born so close to Halloween I have always been attracted to working on art that has to do with childhood, adventure and monsters.

     I lived in Illinois for my first 16 years, then went to high school and college in southern California, studying traditional character animation at California Institute of the Arts. I worked twenty-seven years in the game industry as an animator, concept artist, art director and writer. For the past three years I have been focusing on freelance illustration especially for children’s games and books. I live in Santa Rosa, California with my three kids and my wife Amy, our cat Lucy, and our dog Jojo.

For business inquiries please email me at

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